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Questions about Ottavia

Are the various modules preamplified or do they need speakers for sound output?

The base module is a MIDI controller, it must be connected to a PC, to a MAC or to an expander.

Should specific software be used?

Ottavia can be connected to any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software and any Expander with a MIDI input.

Should the version with the sound module be connected to the speakers?

The version with the sound module is not yet available.

What is the cost of each single module?

One module costs 70 €. Discounts are available for those who purchase multiple modules.

Is the keyboard weighted?

Ottavia has a dynamic keybed. The version with weighted keys is not available.

How many can I use?

Potentially as many as you want, but a “note” MIDI message can be from 0 to 127. Furthermore, the Expander you use could reproduce a minor number of notes.

How can I connect them to each other?

The modules can be connected in “series” – Ottavia performs the MIDI merge between IN and OUT – or in parallel, if for example you use the PC, which sees them as separate devices.

How can I power Octavia?

Ottavia can be powered via USB, by connecting it to a PC, to a powered USB hub, to the electrical network, or to a power bank. Alternatively you can use a 7V DC power supply.

Questions about accessories

Can pedals be added?

Yes, you can connect the sustain pedal.

Is there a wireless version available?

No, not at the moment, we are working on a 2.0 version that could incorporate a Wi-Fi module. Currently you can still use a MIDI cable with a wi-fi transmitter, which we will soon make available on our Store.