Ottavia is a 12 key dynamic controller. You can connect one or more modules to your PC, your MAC or an expander and start playing! Let’s see how

Ottavia with PC

Use the supplied USB cable (or a longer one) to directly connect Ottavia to PC or through USB hub. In the settings panel of your favorite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software choose the “Ottavia” device

Ottavia with MAC

Connecting Octavia to a MAC is very simple. The system automatically recognizes the new connected device and check it from “Studio MIDI”. You can use Main Stage or Garageband for your performances.

Ottavia with Expander


You can use Ottavia with a MIDI Exander using the MIDI in and MIDI OUT connections. “Midi merge” will be performed automatically between the events generated by the module, and those coming from the MIDI in

Octave selection

Fronta Panel

With front panel buttons you can select the octave of your module. A sustain pedal can also be connected to the rear panel. If the modules belong to the same midi chain, or if they are connected to the same software, the pedal connected to a module will affect all the modules used.

Rear Panel