1) Do the various modules reproduce the different sound heights if purchased separately?

Each module has 2 keys to select the octave

2) Are the various modules pre-amplified or do they need speakers for sound output?

The basic module is a MIDI Contrlloer, it must be connected to a PC or an expander.

3) Should specific software be used?
Ottavia can be connected to any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software and any Explander with a MIDI input

4) Is the sound module version connected to the speakers?

Sound module not avaible now.

5) Are the various modules designed for a cabinet that supports them or do they have to rest on a table?

They can be placed on a support plan

6) What is the cost of each individual module?

The base module will cost € 70

7) Is the keyboard weighed?

Ottavia has a dynamic keybed. In the future we will realize the semi-weighed and weighed version.

8) Is there a possibility to incorporate a lectern?

Not at the moment

9) how many can I use?

Potentially how many you want, but a “note” MIDI message can be worth 0 to 127. In addition, the expander you use may play a minor number of notes

10) How can I link them together?

The modules can be connected in “series” (Octave performs the MIDI merge between IN and OUT), or in parallel, if for example using the PC, which sees them as separate devices

11) Can pedals be added?

You can connect  sustain pedal

12) How Ottavia can be powered?

Ottavia can be powered via USB, by connecting it to a PC, to a powered USB hub, to the electrical network, or to a power bank. Alternatively you can use a 7V DC power supply