Change music with Ottavia, the modular, professional keyboard! Each individual Octavia module (1 octave, 12 dynamic keys) can be used individually in stand-alone mode or together with others by composing a complete piano keyboard.

Are you a student, you’ve just heard and you’re looking for a good quality keyboard that grows with you giving you the ability to add octaves to the growth of your desire to play? Are you a musician and do you need to easily transport your instrument for live and performances without renouncing quality? Are you a Dj and you want a handy keyboard but that if necessary help you add a little ‘showmanship to your performances? Octavia is the professional keyboard that responds to every need. Modulable, easily transportable and innovative!

Octavia is about to launch the 2.0 version of the keyboard, through a crowdfunding campaign with which you will have the possibility to buy it at a special price. Do you want to receive all the updates on the campaign to be among the first to have it at a special price? 

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